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Hotel Arenal Green – La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Hotel Arenal Green in La Fortuna

Hotel Arenal Green in La Fortuna

My most favorite hotel to stay at is the Hotel Arenal Green in La Fortuna. It’s located on the road leading to the cataratas which is about one mile from town on the road leading to San Jose.

The place is absolutely quaint. On the property there are six spacious cabins, each with a patio/porch. Inside you find a sink, apartment-size refrigerator and coffee pot. The bathroom is really nice with a full-size shower and lots of hot water. Some cabins have one bed, some with two and then the villa cabin with three beds and able to fit four, if needed. The villa cabin has a really huge patio complete with full-size refrigerator, bar and bar stools, cook top, coffee pot, microwave, sink and hammocks. All cabins have air conditioning, flat-screen color TV with cable and Wi-Fi. And don’t forget, the water in Costa Rica is safe to drink. But if you prefer, you can buy bottled water at the grocery store for a mere fraction of what it will cost you at the restaurant.

If you walk to the back of the property, there is a large cabin that is rented to those diehard travelers who want to “Get back to nature.” It’s a lovely cabin but with no air conditioning or lights. You do have a shower, but it’s outside. Don’t worry, it’s private.

Hotel Arenal Green outdoor shower

Hotel Arenal Green outdoor shower

There is also a massage hut complete with outdoor shower. It sits at the top of the bank to the river. Listening to the babbling river is so relaxing.

The maid, Blanca, is a true gem. She doesn’t speak a lick of English, but she is always ready and willing to help. She is the cook for breakfast, serving up delicious plantains, scrambled eggs and Gallo Pinto. Breakfast is included in the price of the room. (No other meals are served in the restaurant—breakfast only, as is the case for many of the hotels/cabins there.)

Blue-gray Tanager and Red-legged Honeycreeper (male) at the Cataratas Cabinas

Blue-gray Tanager and Red-legged Honeycreeper (male) at the Cataratas Cabinas

In the early mornings, be sure to walk across the street to the next property. Felix (owner) puts out plantains for the birds. It’s such a peaceful sight to see the awesome birds: Blue Gray Tanagers, Cherrie’s Tanager, Hoffman’s Woodpecker, Parakeets, Red-legged Honeycreepers, Chacalacas and Orenpendola Montezuma, to name a few.

In the afternoon, there is a Keel-billed Toucan

Keel-billed Toucan at Hotel Arenal Green in La Fortuna

Keel-billed Toucan at Hotel Arenal Green in La Fortuna

and a Chestnut-mandibled Toucan

Chestnut-mandibled Toucan at The Arenal Green Hotel in La Fortuna

Chestnut-mandibled Toucan at The Arenal Green Hotel in La Fortuna

who perches in the tree directly across from the cabins. Also, a Hoffman’s Woodpecker

Photo taken at Arenal Green Hotel, La Fortuna

Hoffman’s Woodpecker

is in the tree on the other side of the fence. And don’t miss the two Iguanas snoozing in the trees, too.

View of the cabins

Hotel Arenal Green

When you return from your activities, sit on the patio of your cabin and enjoy an Imperial beer. You can buy it in the hotel for $2. Or, if you prefer, pick up a six-pack at the grocery store. Remember, there is a refrigerator in each of the cabins, so save a few bucks and get the staples you need. Cheese and crackers are great to munch on with your beer.

A side note regarding currency: Every place in La Fortuna accepts American money. Currently, the exchange rate is about 500:1. They will give you the current exchange rate which varies from store-to-store and day-to-day. They will give you change in Colones, so you might want to learn how to count it. It’s so simple. If something costs 500 Colones, just multiple it times 2 and move the decimal point to the left 3 places.

500 Colones X 2 = 1,000

Move the decimal to the left 3 places. This equals $1.00 USD.

Do NOT exchange your money at the airport. The exchange rate there is totally stupid. If you really feel you need to have Colones, do the exchange at the bank in town or even at your hotel. Again, they accept USD everywhere in La Fortuna and at virtually all stores country-wide. Do NOT bring any bills over $20 unless you get it exchanged at the bank. The country has been hit with counterfeit $50s, so it’s not unusual if they won’t accept the bill.

Room Rates: During the low season (May and June and again September through November), single occupancy is $45; double occupancy is $65; triple occupancy is $85; and quadruple is $105. Prefer the villa? It’s priced between $125-$165 depending upon number of occupants.

During high season (January through April, July and August and again during the month of December), single occupancy is $65; double occupancy is $85; triple occupancy is $105; and quadruple is $125. The villa is $135-$175.

Prices include up to two children under the age of six sharing a standard room with the parents. Children 6-11 years pay $10 each that includes breakfast and taxes.

For all occupants, breakfast of scrambled eggs, plantains, sausage/bacon and Pinto Gallo is included in the room price along with taxes. This is a cost-savings of an estimated $8 per person for breakfast and 13% for taxes that you would pay elsewhere for both the room and food costs.

If you need assistance with booking a tour or just to simply find out where to go and what to do, the front desk person is knowledgeable and most helpful.

They have a spacious parking area behind the reception area. You can get laundry service whenever you need it. They have a security guard who walks the property throughout the night, not that I have ever been afraid as crime is very low in La Fortuna. They are having many illegals coming from Nicaragua to work, and so the security guard is simply a safeguard.

If you aren’t renting a car at the airport, they will pick you up.

They accept Visa and MasterCard.

I rate this hotel a GREAT VALUE stay.

Phone: 506.2479.8585 or 506.2479.8383

Fax: 506.2479.8383


Hotel Arenal Green is located 1 km south and 1 km west from La Fortuna on the way to the cataratas. It is about a three-hour drive from San Jose Airport. (I highly recommend getting a GPS in order to get around in Costa Rica. They rent for $10/day.)

GPS Coordinates: N10.45736; W84.65128


All photos are copyrighted by Cindi L Rogers

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